About Taking Welton

The original purpose of Taking Welton was to gather pertinent information for the Welton Corridor community, to share educational resources and promote action among our neighbors concerning Denver Urban Renewal Authority’s Welton Corridor Urban Renewal Area.

Currently Taking Welton works to keep the United States constituency informed about H.R.1944 Private Property Rights Protection Act introduced by Senator Sennsenbrenner May 2013 as well as current news pertaining to eminent domain.


Urban Renewal should not require property owners to forfeit their Constitutional Rights nor their States legal protection from eminent domain abuse.

Although many property owners spoke against DURA’s Welton Corridor Urban Renewal Plan and the supporting Blight Conditions Study on 10 September 2012, Denver City Council approved DURA to take property thru condemnation and eminent domain for private development, tax incentives and municipal economic gain for the next 25 years.

This is in opposition to Colorado Laws enacted by the passage of House Bill 06-1411 which requires the condemning entity to demonstrate that the taking of the property is for a public use. This law also precludes the taking of private property for transfer to a private entity for the purpose of economic development or tax revenue enhancement.

Taking Welton believes that urban renewal in any community should not forsake a property owner’s legal rights and will continue to create an educational resource for eminent domain and tax increment financing for property owners throughout the United States.  Please use this website to find videospress links, and legal cases that property owners, as well as legislators, can use to stay educated to protect and preserve our rights as property owners, business owners and residents.

The better educated, informed and connected we are on property rights the better the citizens, property owners, state and federal government can work together to achieve a fair, equitable and sustainable urban development plan for our communities.

For more information please email info @ takingwelton.com