Transit Oriented Development

Transit Oriented Development, or TOD, is the planned development of mixed use residential and commercial areas to maximize access to public transport and encourage transit ridership.  Urban planning tools generally include pedestrian friendly environments and decreased parking for personal vehicles.  TOD projects can disrupt low income neighborhoods by increasing housing costs and forcing low to moderate income residents farther away from jobs and transit.  read more on wikipedia

As regional transportation authorities become increasingly involved in TOD planning questions arise about the use of eminent domain for private gain and who is profiting from the housing and commercial industry generated from the TOD.

Douglas Shinkle’s December 2012 report to the National Conference of State Legislatures is very informative and up to date on public policy and TOD development. A must read. download the PDF

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Should land taken by eminent domain to build RTD garage and/or parking lots be developed into RTD transit orient development projects?
Colorado Inside Out. 3 March 2008


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