Adams County road-widening project paved with irregularities

“But a Denver Post investigation found that the purchase of Nichol’s childhood home and the accompanying paving project were fraught with irregularities.

For instance, Adams County officials paid Nichol’s mother $150,000 more than their own appraiser suggested her land and home were worth. They handed over the check five days before county commissioners approved the purchase. They overlooked concerns raised by the employee responsible for acquiring the land along Washington Street. Among the red flags he raised: An appraisal arranged by Nichol’s husband used renovated Victorian homes in central Denver to help establish the value of Gaccetta’s brick farmhouse in an industrial area of Adams County.

The aberrations continued after the purchase, which left Gaccetta, who died in May 2010, with a 3.1-acre lot zoned for industrial development at the northeast corner of Washington Street and East 71st Avenue.”

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Vaughan, Kevin and David Olinger. The Denver Post 27 February 2011.