Bar Marley facing eminent domain, condemnation as city aims to revitalize surrounding area

“Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation, the city’s redevelopment agency, has filed to acquire Bar Marley by eminent domain due to its “blighted” condition, which KCDC believes could prevent redevelopment in surrounding areas, according to court documents.

Ben Bentley, CEO of KCDC, said the agency has been in contact with owner Caleb Boyers since 2015 about modifications needed to meet standards established for the area in a 2007 redevelopment plan.

“The Bar Marley site, in particular, is one where the property owner has not been willing to really make the modifications that are requested,” Bentley said. “We are at a point where we feel like, four years later, something needs to change.”

KCDC provided Boyers with a list of code violations in 2017 that included graffiti and overgrown weeds at his 750 Stone St. property.”
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Wilusz, Ryan. Knox News 15 February 2019.