Selectmen Move To Take Road By Eminent Domain

“Kensington Drive—the notorious South Sandwich road that has torn up vehicles and pitted neighbors against each other—moved one step closer to becoming a smooth thoroughfare on Thursday night, March 8.

Selectmen voted unanimously to “lay out” the road, a step in a lengthy state-mandated process the town must follow to take a road by eminent domain. The process for taking real estate is cumbersome and rarely used.

The selectmen agreed after realizing that the residents on Kensington Drive and the surrounding roads would never reach a consensus on how to fix the road’s massive craters.

The selectmen voted to approve the taking, in concept, last November, but last night’s vote was the actual approval for the acquisition.

“I’m glad to see this thing finally coming to a vote,” said Selectman Robert George. “Sixteen years is too long.””
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Woolfe, Tao. The Sandwich Enterprise 8 March 2018.